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The Art of Layering


If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know that spring weather can be quite fickle; one day, it’s sunny with clear skies, and feels like summer has arrived early. The next day, it’s cold, wet, and you’re regretting that you’ve packed away all your cozy sweaters. Sometimes, the weather goes from chilly to sunny and warm and then back to cold again, all in the same afternoon! Needless to say, the constantly changing temps can make things challenging when choosing your outfit for the day. The key to dressing in this temperamental weather is layering! But proper layering doesn’t mean just piling on a bunch of clothes and calling it good. There is a right way and a wrong way to layer. Keep reading for a few helpful pointers on how to master the art of layering and look chic no matter what the forecast brings your way!


All About That Base…

Your base layer should be an appropriate ensemble on its own. Whether you opt for a sleeveless top or a long sleeve blouse, the base layer should fit you properly and look just as nice on its own as it does peeking out from under your other layers. The last thing you want is to end up “stuck” in a hot sweater that you can’t remove because of an ill-fitting top underneath. So avoid those dingy white tanks, camis with exposed bra straps, tops that clash in color with your other layers, and anything that will wrinkle or be covered in noticeable lint by the time you remove your other layers. This sweet chambray sleeveless top from Lilla P. makes a perfect base layer – it’s a neutral piece that stands out on its own or underneath a sweater. (Top, $134 | Mother jeans, $176 | Necklace by Serefina $78)



Fabrics are Everything…

Spring layering is all about the fabrics. Choosing the right fabric for your mid-layer is especially important; you want it to add warmth without being bulky or too hot. While a cashmere sweater may be perfect in October, during this time of year you’d be boiling by lunchtime. So opt for a light, breathable sweater or cardigan in a fabric like linen, cotton or blend. If your mid-layer has a fun detail, that’s even better! We love this cotton and linen sweater from Brochu Walker because it has a nice weight and also has this amazing side slit detail (allowing your base layer to peek out!). ($378)




Top it Off…

To top off your layered look, go for a jacket that suits the weather report as best as possible. This time of year, rain manages to find its way into the forecast quite often – so a light jacket is often necessary. A classic denim jacket like this one from Seven for All Mankind is a safe (and stylish) bet because it can’t be hurt by a little drizzle, will give you added protection during cool evenings and isn’t a cumbersome piece to have to tote around if it’s not needed. If the forecast calls for heavier precipitation, grab your favorite rain slicker and you’ll be set! It’s also important to keep in mind the fit of the top layer. The denim jacket we chose nips in ever so slightly at the waist, helping to reduce any bulkiness the layers might add. So be sure to use an outerwear piece with a defined silhouette or drawstring waistband to help reduce “the marshmallow effect.” ($278)




Now that you know the key points to proper layering, you can avoid the common mistake of bulky, mismatched layers and look fantastic in rain or shine! Happy layering!


Here’s to great style!


Karla & The Garys’ Team


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