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Investment Dressing 101



Meet Tanya! Tanya has been with Garys’ for 10 short months but has quickly learned the positives to investment dressing. What we mean by that is investing in quality pieces that will enhance your wardrobe by allowing you to get multiple uses out of the items already in your closet by mixing and matching. It’s all about the return or the “cost per wear” of the item. Investment dressing in a PNW Summer can be tricky because our Summers can be fleeting but take these chambray culottes from Lilla P –Tanya has been rocking these gauchos all Spring and Summer long — and with Fall closer than we’d like to admit, it’s a bonus if you can figure out how to make your warm weather clothing work in those transition months. Here’s how she styles these cuties, breathing new life into them with each wear!

Just remember it has more to do with quality rather than quantity and making sure it works seamlessly in your closet… And of course if you love it, even better! We are 100% in favor of you WEARING what’s in your closet and building on pieces you already have in your wardrobe — what are the items you like to invest in?

**Some of the items featured in this post are almost sold out but the final days of our Summer Sale are here with all Spring and Summer merchandise half price or less, so pop on in to see what investment Pieces YOU might stumble upon! 


Here’s to Great style!


The Garys’ Team

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