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Rock Those Winter Whites!

When dressing for the winter season, many of us don’t typically think of white as our go-to color – especially head-to-toe white, which can seem a bit intimidating. But wearing white, (and its many shades), is a great way to brighten up your winter style. Some people still abandon this color during the winter months because of the “don’t-wear-white-after-Labor-day” rule, but this “rule” is one style myth you should definitely ignore!

Need a little help adding a pop of white to your winter style? Here are some ideas for white-done-right:

–White doesn’t always have to be BRIGHT white. There are many gorgeous shades of this hue – parchment, oyster, bone, eggshell, linen, frost, etc. Choose the shade that best suits your skin tone and complements the other colors in your outfit. White pairs perfectly with pale colors in the winter – think pale greys, pinks and blues. We know these combos are gorgeous in spring, but they can be especially refreshing and unexpected in the winter!


Bailey 44 skirt $180, Brochu Walker sweater $398, Betsy & Iya necklace $88, Liebeskind handbag $198


–White jeans in the winter? Just say yes! Denim is a great starting point for adding white to your wardrobe – it’s casual, easy to style and totally chic.

Brochu Walker sweater $310, 7 for all Mankind denim $189, Michelle Rhodes necklace $118


–A chunky knit sweater is a great way to rock white in the winter. Throw on a cozy, light sweater when the temps are low and pair with jeans or a skirt for that perfect winter-time look! This is also a good way to wear white during those transitional weeks between seasons; a sweater keeps you warm but the white hue has you dreaming of spring days.

Left: White & Warren fringe scarf $298, Michelle Rhodes necklace $118 Right: Brochu Walker sweater $364, White & Warren sweater $298


–Want to stand out in head-to-toe-white? Avoid trying to match the shades – that’s the quickest way to have your look fall flat. Try a bright white paired with a warmer white that has hints of pink or blue. Also, use texture (e.g., lace, crochet, rib knit, etc.) to add dimension to your look. By adding dimension to a head-to-toe white ensemble, you enhance the creamy shades  therefore making the overall look more interesting.


Bailey 44 blouse $218, Mother denim $189


Don’t reserve your whites for spring and summer months – it’s time to start embracing white all winter (and year) long!

Here’s to great style!


Karla and The Garys’ Team

Dry Clean Only? Not Necessarily!

High quality garments often carry those little “Dry Clean Only” tags, and for some this can be a real drag. If you’re a busy mama with kids who somehow manage to always get their lunch on your shirt, or a busy guy or gal who just doesn’t have time for endless trips to the cleaners, that tag can be a total deal-breaker when you’re shopping for clothes. If you can relate, we’ve got some good news for you!

We’ve seen an increase in garments with “Dry Clean Only” tags, and in turn we’ve had many customers asking us, “Can I wash this?” The good news is that more often than not, the answer is “YES!” Here’s why: many clothing lines seem to be using the “Dry Clean Only” instruction as a way to ensure that the integrity of the fabric is maintained after cleaning. They can’t control how you care for the garment and therefore suggest you leave it to the professionals. But here’s the deal…you are MORE than capable of washing most of your “Dry Clean Only” garments at home (we believe in you!). Here’s what you need to know about what can/can’t be washed, and some tips for the best results:

What fabrics can be washed?

Cottons & linens are an easy starting point as these fabrics can typically be washed in a machine on a normal cycle with a mild detergent and at varying temperatures. And don’t be afraid to tumble dry these fabrics (linen should be removed while still damp and hung to dry to finish)! | Try the Signature Wash by The Laundress $25/1ltr, available at Garys’ |

Wool, cashmere, merino & angora – These fabrics will fare better if you take a little more care when washing them. They should be either hand-washed or washed using the hand wash cycle on an HE machine. Use cold water and a mesh bag to protect the garment. Press out any excess water and lay flat to dry — never throw these pieces in the dryer!
| Try the Wool and Cashmere Shampoo by The Laundress $20/16oz, available at Garys’ |


Silks should always be placed inside out in a mesh bag and hand-washed or placed on a delicate cycle in your machine with cold water. Press out excess water and lay flat to dry.
|Try the Delicate Wash by The Laundress $20/16oz, available at Garys’|

Synthetics like rayon, Lycra, spandex & modal follow the same wash instructions as silk but instead use tepid water and lay flat to dry or hang depending on the knit of the garment.


Fabrics NOT suitable for washing:

Viscose & polyamide: Avoid washing these fabrics unless the label says otherwise.

Suits & sport coats: Sorry guys, these should always be sent to the cleaners. However, provided the suit does not have an odor it really only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year – phew!

Leather or leather trim: Your favorite leather jacket has a small food spot? Not a problem – take a damp rag and do a little spot cleaning. It’s been a few years and it’s starting to look a little tired or has some more serious staining? Send it to a leather specialist for proper cleaning and restoration. If you have a dry cleaner in town that specializes in leather, awesome! If you are like us and don’t have someone locally, we suggest sending it to Arrow Leathercare Services (recommended to us by one of our favorite leather manufacturers, Remy). |

Garments with embellishments like sequins or beading: Again, these types of garments can be spot cleaned in between wears but when it’s time for an all over refresh, send it to your trusty dry cleaner.

Bonus tips for laundering at home:

It is best to pre-treat all stains before washing the garment…Apply a stain solution directly on the spot, working it into the fabric with your finger and then launder as normal.

Invest in a steamer… A good steam is a great way to refresh your garment in between wears and reduces how frequently you need to wash it. This is an especially good rule of thumb for sweaters. | Here at the store we use this one:


Pick up a trusty sweater comb…Certain fabrics pill, especially cashmere. If you have a sweater comb to de-pill some of these luxe fabrics, you will extend the life of the garment while keeping it looking good. | You can usually find one at your dry cleaners, or try this one:


Stock up on mesh wash bags… It’s a good idea to have a couple of sizes in a mesh washing bag to protect your delicate garments at home. Choose ones with a zip closure and gusset bottom for added protection and movement. | The Laundress, $18 for a bundle of 1 small & 1 large bag, available at Garys’. |

We hope now that you have the knowledge and access to the right tools, you won’t let a pesky little “Dry Clean Only” tag deter you from purchasing an item you love. So buy that cashmere sweater you’ve been coveting and skip the unnecessary trip to the cleaners! Happy cleaning!

Here’s to great style!


Karla & The Garys’ Team

The 411 on Denim: Five Tips for Finding Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

How many times have you thought, “I need new jeans!” but then put it off because you dread the thought of shopping for a new pair? With so many styles, washes and fits, denim shopping can seem daunting! To make things easier, we’re sharing our top five tried-and-true rules to keep in mind when looking for the perfect pair of jeans.

1.) Choose a wash that’s best suited for your lifestyle:

Are you a working gal? If you need a pair that’s office-appropriate and would look great with your blazer, go for a darker wash. Darker washes can be dressed up or down and can easily go from day to night.

Are you a mama on the go? If comfy jeans are your daily go-to, opt for lighter or distressed washes, which are perfect for that casual, laid-back look and get even better the more you wear them.

Dojo Trouser $189 | 7 for all Mankind

2.) Buy them a little snug:

You don’t want to buy a pair that’s tight, but they should be comfortably snug when you try them on. All denim expands a little with wear – but a good pair won’t totally stretch out. Many quality denim brands incorporate spandex or Lyrcra in the fabric, which means added elasticity helps soften them to your shape as you wear them (without giving you the dreaded bagging at the knees or seat).

The Looker Skinny $189| Mother Denim

3.) Get the hem right:

Jeans that are too long can ruin your whole look. Having them properly tailored to ensure you get the right length (and avoid bagging/bunching) is key. Pick the shoes you’ll most likely wear with your jeans and bring them with you when getting them hemmed. Make sure you wash your new denim once before you take them to a tailor. (Fun fact: Garys’ offers free hemming with the purchase of any pair of regular-priced denim!).

Runway Flare $180 | Mother Denim

4.) Choose the style that’s most flattering for your body type:

Leg Cut: The skinny jean style is so popular because it’s extremely flattering on many body types (and pairs nicely with those tall boots). But they don’t work well for all body types. If you want a “skinny” look but need a little more room in the calf area, try a straight leg style that hangs a little looser from the knee to the ankle. Boyfriend jeans are basically the opposite of skinny jeans, giving you more room everywhere – they are perfect if you’re going for a casual, comfortable, lived-in look. If you want to give your skinnies or boyfriends a rest and try something new, go for a trouser or flared jean. Both styles have made a huge comeback! Flared jeans are quite elongating, so they can be especially flattering for women with shorter legs and trousers can be a nice leg shape for a woman with curvier hips.

Rise: When choosing denim, the style of the leg isn’t the only thing to consider – the rise (the distance between the middle of the crotch seam and the top of the waistband) is equally important! Your body type, the length of your torso and the look you are trying to achieve should guide you toward the proper rise. Mid-rise tends to be the most common and universally flattering because it generally hits right above the hip bone, preventing any slipping when you sit down or bend at the waist. We aren’t seeing as much of a low-rise these days but this can be more comfortable for a petite frame and can help elongate the midsection. The rise that has made the biggest comeback in the fashion sense is the high-rise; we are seeing this rise styled in a more forward way with tops tucked in to really emphasize the high waist. As for comfort, this rise is best suited for gals with longer torsos and may not be the best option for short-waisted women as it can make the waist appear even shorter.

Josefina Slim Boyfriend on sale now $139.99| 7 For all Mankind

5.) Remember that high-quality denim is worth every penny:

With denim, it’s typically true that you get what you pay for. It’s worth investing in high quality denim instead of spending less on poorer quality jeans that won’t last long or wear well. The “memory” of a quality denim is stronger so you get minimal stretching/bagging. They can be washed and dried while still maintaining their shape and finish, and you can get YEARS of use out of them (and in most cases, they get better after a little wear!). A truly high-quality pair of jeans may come with a higher price tag, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!


We hope you’ll find these tips useful when you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans! Stop by the store to check out our current denim faves!

Here’s to great style!

Karla & The Garys’ Team